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Are you planning to learn car driving? There are many driving schools that are spread all over the nation. But only if you can drive confidently when the instructor is not sitting beside you, there lies your true skill. You need to develop that confidence within you before hitting the road with your car. But there are a few external factors that might impact your driving skills once you start learning to drive a car. Do not let those acts affect your confidence at any cost. Let us see what they

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Difference between Manual Gear and Automatic Car

Are you thinking of buying a car? If your answer is ‘YES’ to this question, then you have many decisions to make. It is easy to decide the car brand or its color, but the complexity lies in determining the engine type and transmission. Your personal preferences plus your driving habits help you in making your choices. If you still have a confusion about this aspect, we are here to help you. This article focuses on the difference between manual and automatic cars and thereby guides you in making

Diesel vs. Petrol Car: Which One to Buy?

Are you planning to buy a new car? But are you confused between petrol and diesel engine? You are not the only one facing this dilemma. It is the most common question asked by people who are willing to buy a new car. To help you with this aspect, we decided to jot down the essential features of both these cars. So, you can choose which one to buy without spending much of your time on deciding. First, let us begin with the difference between petrol and diesel engine. Read below to know more. Pe

Road Accidents: Understand the Types and Claim Your Insurance

Experiencing any road accident is traumatic enough to put you in anxiety. Apart from taking care of your wounded body, you should also think of compensation eligibility. The second part seems more stressful than the first. If you find trouble in identifying the next steps you must take when you encounter any road accident; you are in the right place. The car accidents can happen in several situations under different circumstances. It might include speed driving, bumper-to-bumper collision, and

How To Get An International Driving Permit In India — Process Explained

Instead of spending time and money on public transportation, one can rent any car and drive in international territories with proper documentation. While one may have an Indian driving license, it will not be valid outside the nation. Therefore, one must apply for an International driving permit to drive a car in different countries for a short period. Where Does One Apply For An International Driving Licence? The Zonal Regional Transport Office (RTO), Western Indian Automobile Association (WI

Messaging – Things that are surprisingly older in the internet world

Before the emergence of technology People used smoke as a means of communication in the old ages. Smoke is the visual way to communicate, people used it to warn others of upcoming enemy attacks. Later, they started using pigeons to convey the message by writing a small note on a piece of paper, which is then inserted in a metal canister and attached to the pigeon's leg. These pigeons were trained to deliver those letters to a particular recipient and then return home. In the 16th century, mil

Even Your Phone Can Explode!

We are living in an era where people want every work to be done using the mobile phone itself. As this demand increased, demand to have more storage space and long lasting battery power also increased. This led to the advancement in mobile technology. Since, phones are getting sleeker day by day, batteries also needed to be lighter and smaller in size. Technologies used in batteries of old mobile phones are not environment-friendly, so batteries with less toxic substances have become a necessity

Humans are not leaping bunnies

” Hello! Mr. Bunny Rabbit, Will you have some tea? Oh! No thank you. Not for me. I’d rather have a carrot. But I won’t have tea. “ Who haven’t heard this rhyme? Rabbits are shy and sensitive creature loved by all. Though they rest in burrows, they have acute sense of hearing. Being herbivorous, they are human’s favourite pet. But the same pet is harmed in the name of animal testing. They are caged in laboratories and made to suffer in the name of science. A test by name “Draize” is con